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Chief Privacy Officer: Privacy and security often are cast as at odds with each other when in reality they are two sides of the same coin. These professionals have excelled in imposing privacy controls while supporting and adhering to the tenets of cybersecurity within their organizations.

Top Management: These superstars of management have taken the principles of security and translated them into business objectives. They lead by example and set the tone for the companies that they head up.

Chief Information Officer: The CISO and CIO often work hand in hand. The CIO’s support is often critical for the IT professionals to get the resources and the budget they need to move forward with cybersecurity initiatives.

Influencers: From policy makers to politicians to technologists, these nominees have influenced and shaped cybersecurity. They’ve helped move cyber beyond vision to reality. These pros have undertaken projects or initiatives alone or with a group that impact a wider segment of the cybersecurity industry beyond their own organization's and/or affects other business, government or other markets in a positive way.

Thought Leaders: What would cybersecurity – or any segment of IT – be without the vision of the thinkers, the ones who mull problems and issues and initiate conversation and thinking about solutions, policies, programs, best practices and more. These innovators are not only thinkers, but doers who have invented, created or created solutions, helped to establish standards, initiated best practices or otherwise have undertaken other initiatives that have contributed greatly the the cybersecurity industry as a whole.

Threat Seekers: These innovative, bright adventurous children of cybersecurity dash around the globe from behind their keyboards , chasing down and uncovering threats, vulnerabilities and bugs that left unchecked could bring organizations – public and private – to their knees.

Outstanding Freshmen: Top-notch security isn’t just the mileu of the seasoned professional. Students and other junior members of the cybersecurity community have distinguished themselves as well.

Outstanding Educator:  As cybersecurity moves to the mainstream and the skills gap widens, training up the next generation of CISOs is critical. Academics lead the way as they head both undergraduate and graduate programs at universities, professional organizations, state economic boards and non-profits. Leading the charge in teaching future generations of CISOs never has been so critical.

Rising Stars: These nominees and their accomplishments caught the attention of the industry and are ones to watch going forward.