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Three years ago SC Media launched the Reboot Leadership Awards to recognize the professionals who work tirelessly to improve our industry and cybersecurity in general. The Reboot Leadership Awards are an adjunct to our annual Reboot coverage that takes place each December when SC calls out the best and the brightest cybersecurity luminaries and organizations. The Reboot Leadership Awards are offered similar accolades. The winners are named in August and honored with a special section on SC’s website and in our December Reboot edition.

Honoring the women and men whose accomplishments have continued to improve security and shape the industry, our SC Reboot Leadership Awards program encourages pros from across the cybersecurity industry and beyond to enter themselves, colleagues, peers, clients, supervisors, employees or friends. This year, we've expanded our list just a bit more to celebrate other types of professionals who play particular roles in the promotion or advancement of infosec.

Our editorial team judges entries to decide finalists and winners, so we urge you to take your time with the entries, measuring each question methodically and answering them completely.

We urge you as colleagues, friends, supervisors, and employees to nominate those outstanding industry pros in the categories section listed above.

Nominees can be:

  • Self-nominated or nominated by a peer
  • Employed by any global organization

Entry Fee: $249 per nomination

Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Late entries will be received until Wednesday, May 29, 2019. All nominations received after 6pm PT on May 22, 2019 will incur a penalty of $50 per entry.

For any questions, please contact Illena Armstrong at illena.armstrong@haymarketmedia.com or Teri Robinson at teri.robinson@haymarketmedia.com.